The origins of the Lonach Hall date back to 1823, when King George IV honoured Charles Forbes with a baronetcy - Sir Charles Forbes Bart of Newe and Edinglassie. Later that same year, to mark his son John's coming of age on 15th December, a bonfire was lit on the Lonach Hill, and the Lonach Highland and Friendly Society was founded to preserve the Highland dress and the Gaelic tongue. In 1836, the Society agreed to hold a Highland Gathering.

Today, the Society continues to flourish, drawing its members from the Strathdon community, and the Lonach Gathering, held on the 4th Saturday in August each year, has become one of the most spectacular and most friendly of all the Highland Games.

In 1844, a circular was posted by the Society's Hon Secretary, encouraging subscription to build a meeting hall, and the following year the original Hall was built "combining with the charitable and beneficial intentions of the Society, the opportunities and locality for a building wherein both business and recreation may be pursued". As the years passed and membership of the Society increased to nearly 300, a bigger hall was required, and in 1896 the Main Lonach Hall, with caretaker's flat, was added, costing nine hundred and ninety-seven pounds and seventeen shillings. That same year, Strathdon's Dr Howie took delivery of Scotland's first motor car and supported fundraising for the Hall by driving passengers from Newe to Bellabeg for sixpence.

In 1927 Castle Newe was demolished, and many targes, swords and portraits, as well as busts of the first Baronet and his two sons, were put on display in the Hall. They can still be seen today thanks to Colonel and Mrs Tuck, direct descendants of the Forbes family.

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